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Name: Royce Wright
Address: 183 Central St
Farmington, NH  
Phone: 603 312 0388
Fax: 603 755 9289
Insured: Yes
Free Estimates: Yes

Business Profile:
ALL of R W W products used are designed to improve the enjoyment of your home, as well as its value. Whether you are remodeling, restoring a historic home or building a new one, you can create distinction and appeal with the colors, styles and features That R W W can offer.We've been the innovator in low maintenance exteriors and exteriors since 1996 R W W CONSTRUCTION means ~ Affordable Quality~ Not everybody can afford the highest quality materials, But everybody can get ~ AFFORDABLE QUALITY ~ With R W W CONSTRUCTION Call for free Estimates 603 - 312 - 0388

Services Offered:
New home construction, General contracting, Remodeling, Decks & Porches, Restorations, Additions, Roofing, Siding, Wood flooring, Bathrooms, EXCELLENT Quality replacement Windows,insulation, Painting, sheet rocking, fences, insulation, children play hoses, pressure washing, property maintenance, countertops, & Landscaping, And of course your general Handyman things

Additional Info:
R W W CONSTRUCTION will give you 100 gal of heating fuel of your choice when puchasing 10 or more replacement windows, including installation. 40% of heat loss is through your old windows and doors.

One of my best... Multi level deck, Gazebo, and GRAND stairway to ground elevation. All stairs are closed risers and synthetic decking.

Built this house frame to finish. Cedar shakes, PVC exterior trim, and of course vinyl ballasts and uprights.

Completed, with shakes

Sunroom & Deck
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