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The Shrub Guy Taxus Capitata Landscaping llc
Name: Benedict James
Address: P.O.Box 1
Hudson , NH, NH  03051
Phone: 603-966-8374
Fax: 603 821-0054
Insured: Yes
Free Estimates: Yes

Business Profile:
Hi my name is Ben I am The Shrub Guy, I own We are a good size outfit able to service a small homeowner, a large Condo development or the local cemetery and Municipal building grounds. We work in NH and MA and we are insured for your protection and ours. I ask everyone to visit our Web site you?ll see right away we do things differently we don?t drive around the world and take pictures of finished projects we have 1000?s of pictures of our projects one the web site. We take you through the entire job process so you can see what we do. I am old school; I am on job sites all the time making sure my team has what they need to do the job right and we don?t get paid until the job is done and you are satisfied. I have been field trained since 1968 (I also have a college degree). I have trained with and worked for some of the largest outfits in the US. My team and I comfortably handle jobs of all sizes. Every bid we do comes with 70 references from the little lady down the street to the big corporation.

Services Offered:
In a nut shell, here's what we do: landscaping; we trim, prune, cable, transplant, design, remove, plant and shape! Shrubs, trees, bushes, hedges, and all fruit trees of all shapes and sizes for your Home, Condo development or Business

Additional Info:

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